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Siva Canbazoglu

Şiva Canbazoğlu (Istanbul, Turkije, 1998)

“I played piano in a conservatory for many years. I remember watching the dancers from the courtyard and I was dreaming that one day I could beo ne of them…”

Mimar Sinan State Conservatory (piano department)
Codarts Bachelor of Dance

Productions & performances
Antonin Comestas, ‘Surface Image’
Martha Graham, ‘Diversion of Angles’ & ‘Maple Leaf Rag’ 

Marco Goecke, ‘Smokey Sarah’   
Ihsan Rustem, ‘ Yidam’ 
Ed Wubbe, ‘ Single Manoeuvres’   
Lorand Zachar, ‘Organ' 
Hofesh Shechter, 'Political Mother'

Foto: Ruben Timman