Can we capture the essence of human connectedness; the elusive sense of “oneness” that lies above and beyond the mere physical presence of another human body?

In HARMONIC DISSONANCE– SYNCHRON(ICIT)Y, Dikker + Oostrik (Suzanne Dikker, Neuroscientist at NYU & UU and Matthias Oostrik, Interactive media artist) collaborate with Arnoud Traa (Sound designer and composer) and ICK to investigate human synchronicity and synchrony through artistic and scientific inquiry. Dancers and visitors wear EEG devices that measure their brainwaves while they interact with audio-visual reflections of their movements. This allows the research team to explore how motion synchrony (coordination, mirroring, unison, anticipation, resonance, play, etc.) may lead to a sense of togetherness, to synchronicity of the mind.

HARMONIC DISSONANCE - SYNCHRON(ICIT)Y is a performative art/science research presentation based on fragments of Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholtens repertoire. Two dancers test and highlight five variations on Synchrony in dance via choreographed fragments that are intended to be performed aiming at Synchronicity. In the paradigm of the artistic signature of Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten, Synchronicity is defined as a “dual utopia”, an aim, an ideal, whereby a qualitative relation of being “one body” is aimed for, which is clearly distinguished from merely dancing in unison.

Decomposing synchrony and synchronicity:
HARMONIC DISSONANCE - SYNCHRON(ICIT)Y presents the findings from a three-day workshop at ICKamsterdam, aimed at defining synchrony and decomposing it into its primary parts. These notions will then be used for further investigation and exploration into achieving the “dual utopia” of synchronicity.

This research in progress has been performed by ICK-dancers Arad Inbar and Sedrig Verwoert at the opening event of “Doornburgh Buitenplaats voor Kunst en Wetenschap” on 21 September 2018 and will be performed again at BNMFest on 18 December 2018.