ICK-research focuses in team with Motion Bank on live- and post annotation of creative processes at ICK since 2016. Together, they invent new forms of documentation, notation and embodied knowledge transmission in co-creative dialogue with digital preservation media development. The collaboration is based on integrating the documentation of current movement language research at ICK Amsterdam and their long shared history in vocabulary and notation research on Emio Greco|PC with the annotation systems and goals of Motion Bank software development. Between 2016-2018, Piecemaker2 (a yet unreleased in-development prototype for a multi-user application that assists in annotating and scoring dance developed by Motion Bank), has been applied in documenting creative processes of various artists at ICK. This research resulted in a small archive of annotated fragments of rehearsal processes and serves now as a departure point for further research.

The potential of establishing dynamic and signature specific working vocabularies for meaningful annotation of creative process documentation in dance are continued to be explored in collaboration with different international partners.

During a research academy at the ZhDK (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste) between 20-26 October 2018, the potentials of video annotation for making explicit and publishing embodied knowledge gained through artistic research processes has been investigated together with an international group of artists from different performing arts disciplines. By opening up and publishing processes in performance creation, bridges between the artistic vision and knowledge embodied in performance practice and the broader art and knowledge discourse are being created, while at the same time safeguarding the endurance through time of ephemeral and ineffable artistic contents.

For their joined efforts in heritage preservation of contemporary dance and choreography through research and innovation in digital documentation and annotation of creative processes ICK Amsterdam and Motion Bank have been nominated for the Digital Preservation Awards 2018 in the category of “Open Data Institute Award for most Outstanding Digital Preservation Initiative in Commerce, Industry and the Third sector.”