DS/DM interactive installation

The interactive installation Double Skin/Double Mind is a virtual version of the Double Skin /Double Mind workshop. The installation offers participants the possibility to take part in a virtual version of the workshop in real time, while receiving verbal, physical and peripheral information.

The design made by Chris Ziegler (ZKM Karlsruhe) - consisting of an aluminum frame construction with one projection screen, four sound speakers and one tracking camera - surrounds the participant. The movement tracking program Gesture Follower developed by Frédéric Bevilacqua (IRCAM) compares the different data of the filmed version of the workshop with the real time data of the participant's movements.

As result of this comparison, different forms of feedback are given: sonification, visualization and music will accompany the participants while mentally and physically travelling through the Double Skin/Double Mind structure.

Between 13.03. – 16.03.2018 AHK ID-Lab and ICK initiated a research week focused around the DS/DM interactive installation with contributions from Utrecht University, Motionbank and IRCAM.

Main goals for this research week were taking stock of the state of the art of the installation ten years after its creation, considering technological updates, opening up research content to students and colleagues, re-questioning the outcomes of the Inside Movement Knowledge research project and potential new purposes and values of the installation, and creating a transdisciplinary hub for material thinking across diverging art and knowledge domains.

The DS/DM installation featured in the section “body and code” in the exposition at Centre Pompidou “Coding the World” which took place between 15.06.-27.08.2018