Double Skin / Double Mind the method

“DS/DM is a way of preparing the body for dance that is inherent to your thinking and your imagination. It needs a connection with your own choices, also during the improvisation with other elements and materials. The experience creates a condition and an opening, it is not something fixed by rules that say: this is how you should dance. It is rather the opposite, you use it, and then you contrast it in an open field of intervention and manipulation".

- Emio Greco-

Double Skin/Double Mind (DS/DM) is a dance method developed by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten to discover the sensitivity of the body through four basic principles: Breathing, Jumping, Expanding and Reducing. This awareness of the possibilities that the body can generate is necessary when creating new choreographic material. Because of this, the DS/DM method is the basis of every individual performance by Greco and Scholten. The DS/DM method is offered as a masterclass, a training or a workshop to both amateurs and professionals. Experiencing the DS/DM method can lead to a new physical and mental awareness in which intention and form coincide. DS/DM also provides insight into the artistic work of the two choreographers.

Double Skin/Double Mind originated in 1997, when Greco and Scholten were invited to teach a workshop in the context of the Internationale Tanzwochen in Vienna. This request raised a number of crucial questions with Greco and Scholten, such as: “What is the essence of our work?” “What is a workshop?” And: “How can one transfer a dance language that is based on intuition?” They eventually developed the Double Skin/Double Mind method as a daily workout for the dancers and as a preparation for the creative process. In addition to discovering the potential of the body there is also room for reflection and for the transfer of EG | PC repertoire, which forms the fifth principle of the workshop: Transfer.

The DS/DM method has been taught around the world for many years now. The method plays an essential part in the transfer to Greco’s and Scholten’s dancers, in education and in teaching dance students at a professional or amateur level. Recently, the method has also been applied in teaching schoolchildren and in courses for managers and their staff in the corporate world.

Moreover, DS/DM is an important source to many of the research projects taking place within ICK with various national and international partners, such as Capturing Intention (2009), Inside Movement Knowledge (2010) and Choreographic Coding Labs (2017). The teaching method Sensorium - Toolkit for dance for children, that was launched in 2017, is based (in part) on previous research concerning DS/DM.

Teacher training
To safeguard the quality, ICK began issuing DS/DM certificates for teachers of the method in 2017. Between January and July 2017, a group of (ex-)dancers gathered to further develop the artistic potential, the goals of the method and didactic strategies. The DS/DM method for teachers is offered on an annual basis. After following and completing the training, teachers are well equipped and qualified to teach the method, to professional dance companies, dance academies and amateur dancers.

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Collaboration AHK

Since 2005, when the collaboration of Greco and Scholten with the AHK began, ICK has developed strong ties with the school. Initially with the research group Art Practice and Development led by Marijke Hoogenboom, which facilitated the Capturing Intention research project and participated in the Inside Movement Knowledge research project.

From the relationship with the research group came a steady relationship with the Modern Theatre Dance (MTD) section led by Angela Linssen. The mutual relationship that has persisted ever since offers first- to third-year students time and space within MTD's dance curriculum to study the workshop Double Skin/Double Mind, to use the interactive installation Double Skin/Double Mind and to get busy with the Pre-choreographic Elements and the repertoire of Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten.

More recently, a collaboration was set up with the Dance Teacher section led by Jopie de Groot, for example in the research phase that preceded the development of the Sensorium – Toolkit for Dance, a set of tools for dance teachers intended to help stimulate the creativity of 10-12 year-old pupils in their dance lessons.

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Interactive installation

The interactive installation Double Skin/Double Mind is a virtual version of the Double Skin/Double Mind workshop. The installation offers participants the possibility to take part in a virtual version of the workshop in real time, while receiving verbal, physical and peripheral information.

The design made by Chris Ziegler (ZKM Karlsruhe) - consisting of an aluminum frame construction with one projection screen, four sound speakers and one tracking camera - surrounds the participant. The movement tracking program Gesture Follower developed by Frédéric Bevilacqua (IRCAM) compares the different data of the filmed version of the workshop with the real time data of the participant's movements.

As result of this comparison, different forms of feedback are given: sonification, visualization and music will accompany the participants while mentally and physically travelling through the Double Skin/Double Mind structure.

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