September 24, 2020

Open Class - Double Skin / Double Mind

Studio ICK (Talentenhuis) - Amsterdam - the Netherlands


Join the (free) Double Skin / Double Mind (DS/DM) open classes! 
Every two weeks ICK opens its doors to share this dance method with you. During the open classes the sensitivity of the body is discovered through four basic principles: breathing, jumping, expanding and reducing. Each part is accompanied by several exercises that flow organically, often stimulated by sound and music.

The classes are suitable for everyone, no matter age or physical condition and are given in English. 

The DS/DM method has been developed by choreographers Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten and is at the basis of every performance of ICK Amsterdam. It has been taught worldwide for many years and plays an essential role in the transfer to dancers, students, amateur dancers, schools and the business world.

Dereck Cayla

19.30-21.00 hours

ICK Studio, (Talentenhuis)
1068 LE Amsterdam